Effective eCommerce Platforms

eCommerce is one of the most primary reasons why people use the web. Whether shopping from your browser or your phone – thousands upon thousands of transactions take place online every day. Suffice to say: eCommerce is big business!

With a strong understanding of marketing and wed development, Vecro Tech creates online stores for businesses that produce real results. Our eCommerce platforms are built around the requirements of the client, but with the experience of the end user or prospective customer in mind. If you are looking to expand your business and begin to sell some of your inventory online, or if you are a business that is looking to sell stock only through the web, then please get in touch to find out how we can help.

Technology we use

Vecro Tech prides itself on the fact that we are always keeping up to date with the latest technology in a vast world that is ever changing. Our eCommerce platforms are mainly built using WordPress, Prestashop and Magento. This means that our online stores can be developed to various levels of customization, whether its a shop of 5 items, or 500. We listen to the requirements of the client, what products they are selling and the quantities of stock, allowing us to make a decision as to which platform we build the store with.

Our platforms give the seller a system that is easily administered – allowing them to add or remove products and change their prices easily and quickly. Our stores also suggests suitable products to the right people meaning you can also enjoy the benefits of up selling items to customers who are already buying other products of yours.

How we Optimize your Online Store

Creating an online store is one matter. Creating an online store than generates sales in another. Our process as part of building an eCommerce store never changes: Firstly we gather all the requirements of the client, their items for sale and the volumes. Then we look into competitors in the same industry and analyze the target market and the behaviours of the targeted customers. Working with the client, we then decide upon the most effective designs which trigger all the right emotional responses of the end user and ultimately convert them into paying customers.

Once the website has been developed and your eStore is ready, we begin to target the traffic that is interested in your product. With in depth knowledge of search engine marketing, we put together effective marketing strategies which enable your website to climb through the search rankings giving your site more qualified and relevant visitors and in turn, driving sales up.

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