Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Efficient PPC Management

Pay per click advertising works exactly as it sounds. Every time a customer clicks on your advert, you are charged. PPC enables your website to be placed at the top of the search result listings for certain keywords and phrases that are being searched for by customers looking for products and services related to your industry. Therefore, PPC campaigns ensure that your advert is being seen by those who are absolutely relevant and ready to buy.

Some associated advantages with paid for advertising are instantaneous results. Advertisers can see improvements to their website’s traffic almost straight away. Due to the nature of PPC, your budget can also be very flexible so strategies can be constructed based closely on the financial capabilities of the client no matter how big or small. You also have the ability to see statistics with your campaigns meaning you can closely analyse what keywords and phrases being searched for through the search engines and therefore which phrases has the potential to yield the best possibly results.

Why some campaigns are successful and why some are not

Every click through to your website is a cost to you! This is why it is vitally important to make sure that every visitor that clicks your ad is as qualified as possible so as to maximize the chances of getting a sale or an enquiry from that lead. Vecro Tech has built a wealth of knowledge in the field of pay per click advertising and in our experience we find that unsuccessful PPC campaigns are usually down to a collection of reasons. One of the primary reasons is poor keyword selection. Sometimes the most obvious keywords are not generating the best results.


A security installations company in Glasgow may decide to choose “security systems in Glasgow” as the key phrase they wish to optimize for. This is undeniably a phrase that will be searched for a lot and will be sure to generate an upsurge in traffic but might not always guarantee a sale. This is because this particular keyword is usually a sign that the person conducting the search is still in the research phase of the buying process and hasn’t fully decided upon which specific security system they need – they just know that they need one.

On the other hand, if a customer used the search phrase “wireless intruder alarm in Glasgow” we can assume that they have already conducted enough research and managed to narrow down what kind of security system they would like to purchase. Although these searches will generate less traffic, the customer conducting the search is more qualified and – in more cases than not – in better position to make a decision quickly.


Why use Vecro Tech to manage your campaigns

Maintaining a PPC campaign can be very time consuming and requires a lot of serious commitment. It requires a lot of consistent monitoring when it comes to managing and updating keywords and adverts. Frankly, not many business owners have that kind of time to dedicate to their advertising. Our sole focus is to achieve results for our clients so – by putting your PPC campaigns in the hands of our experienced professionals – we can give you more time to dedicate to other business tasks.

We also have vast amounts of experience when it comes to keyword selection so, through careful analysis of your market place and its associated keywords and phrases as well as keeping a keen eye on your competitors, we can maximise the amount of highly qualified and relevant traffic visiting your site resulting in more sales or more enquiries.

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