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Looking for a reliable SEO services in Edinburgh? Then look no further than Vecro Tech. We’re an experienced SEO agency in Edinburgh providing bespoke search marketing solutions for companies small and large. Using data-driven strategies, we develop focused marketing strategies that deliver proven results, from increase search engine ranking to more leads, traffic, and conversions on your site.

Finding new customers is often challenging without the proper marketing techniques. Knowing how to use search engine optimisation (SEO) to your advantage is difficult without prior knowledge and understanding of the subject. Rather than doing the guesswork yourself, you can hire Edinburgh SEO company such as ours to help do the hard work. With the right strategies in place, expect organic growth, increased brand awareness, and higher conversion rates than ever before.

How SEO Can Help Your Website

Any business operating with a website is found through a search engine like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. No matter what product or service you provide, there are people searching for it online, yet there is no guarantee that they find your specific site.

This is because search engine ranking is determined by various factors, with many businesses no even realising what they need to do to rank higher on search engines. Without proper search engine ranking, it’s impossible for a business to reach more customers, market their goods or service, and providing an engaging experience for visitors to try and convert them into sales.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) provides solutions to these problems. Using various search marketing processes, SEO helps to improve website ranking, user experience, and to build trust with anyone visiting the site. As a result, the website immediately becomes more visible through multiple channels, bringing more traffic and leads to the website. These in turn have a higher chance of being converted into a sale due to onsite optimisation that provides each one with a streamlined user experience.

Using a Edinburgh SEO company such as our own is a great way to improve the overall visibility of your website and brand. We aim to develop tailor-made SEO campaigns that meet your current requirements and long-term marketing goals, helping your business succeed and grow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We see patterns with the questions people ask. Maybe we already have the answer to your question

The short answer is – it depends on the industry and how optimized your website is to start with. Some industries see results quicker than others depending on the level of competition. Usually, on average, results can be expected to be seen within 3 to 6 months. Websites that have had no SEO carried out and therefore hold little to no profile within the search engine can expect their campaign to take longer as you are essentially building your profile up from nothing.
When you are carrying out an SEO campaign, you are essentially establishing a reputation and authority with the search engine. The more authority your website has with the search engine, the higher your positioning will be in the search results. Conversely, building your reputation with search engines, much like building your reputation through word of mouth, does not happen quickly. Again, much like building your reputation through word of mouth, it takes longer to achieve, but yields the greatest results bar far in the long term.
If, for any reason, you decide you want to call a halt to your SEO campaign, you can expect to see your results diminish over a short period of time. The results will stay for a while, but not for long! This is because the tactics and methods used to gain rankings change all the time and in order to remain up to date with the latest methods, it requires consistent analysis and on-going work.
As part of any SEO campaign, we need to know which keywords show signs of being profitable for your market place. A full keyword analysis will be carried out in order to establish which keywords and phrases will be selected for optimization. Furthermore, we will formulate a strategy based on a full market place analysis in a bid to see what your highest performing competitors are doing online so that we can gain a firm understanding of how much work is required to outperform them. Any and all on-page factors will also be addressed and we will fully optimize the front end of your website for people visiting in order to attract as much attention as possible. Vecro Tech will also create a comprehensive link profile for your online presence. This is a gradual process which will be on-going throughout the course of the campaign. Additionally, all progression throughout the campaign will be communicated with the client through regular monthly progress reports and meet ups.

Reliable SEO Services in Edinburgh

We offer a range of dedicated SEO services for business in and around Edinburgh. All solutions are custom-made to the requirements of every client, with a robust campaign developed to suit all your marketing goals. Although processes vary with each SEO campaign, you can expect any of the following services to drive our strategies:

Website Evaluation

The best SEO strategies begin with evaluating the current website. This lets us understand is influencing the current ranking and any areas that need to be improved. We’ll also identify and remove any errors that are impacting SEO.


Any good SEO strategy requires lots of research, which is exactly what we perform to ensure we know what your competitors are doing, the best keywords to improve SEO, and any relative industry data. This research gives us a better idea of the most effective keyword targeting to improve site ranking. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to research, including long tail keywords, broad keywords, specific keywords, and much more.

Content Creation

Any Edinburgh SEO agency worth its weight knows the importance of quality content for search engine optimisation. We develop SEO-driven content that is designed to increase ranking and indexes, with unique, engaging content produced for every website. We use a diverse range of content to further improve ranking on search engines, including blogs, articles, guides, and more.

Onsite Optimisation

Your website needs to be fully optimised to ensure effective ranking. Any SEO content that we develop is done with the intention of onsite optimisation, although other processes are used for this, such as improving site structure, meta description optimisation, mobile optimisation, robots.txt implementation, removing onsite errors etc.

Link Building

Powerful link building is one of the most effective SEO strategies to increase ranking and site authority. Backlinking your website pages to those of high-ranking sites goes a long way towards improving ranking on your site. This is quite a challenging process for many SEO agencies in Edinburgh that lack the type of linking network we do. We work with various bloggers and publications to generate organic backlinks that increase website traffic and authority.

Social Media

Although a newer marketing tool, social media marketing is incredibly powerful for spreading your brand and generating new leads and traffic towards the site. By creating engaging content with social media users, we can significantly increase website exposure, generate new sales, and build strong customer relationships to ensure buyers return.

Reports and Analysis

The success of SEO is easily measured in data. We use various reporting and auditing tools to generate data reports that show you exactly how successful the SEO campaign has been. Reports are designed to be easily understandable yet completely transparent, giving our clients the complete picture of how various our various strategies are performing.

Google SEO Glasgow


Most commonly used search engine and source of information for domestic users. A platform which allows exposure to the widest audience.

Bing SEO Glasgow


A contending search engine with Google which still provides good exposure to qualified visitors looking for products and services in your industry.

Why Us?

We are confident of providing the best SEO services in Edinburgh that deliver on all fronts. Here are a few reasons we believe we are the best match for your SEO campaigns:


We carry a wealth of industry experience that provides us with invaluable insight. We’ve worked on SEO campaigns for many years so know exactly what metrics search engines currently use to determine ranking. This means we can develop data-driven strategies with proven results.


Not every SEO company in Edinburgh features dedicated SEO experts like those on our teams. We have experts in various aspects of search engine marketing, giving us the knowledge needed to create relevant SEO strategies that are within current industry standards.


Our SEO strategies are a two-way street. We want input from our clients to ensure we develop strategies that meet long and short-term marketing goals. The entire cost and timeframe of the SEO campaign is made clear before we get started, while we also keep you fully updated with reports throughout the process.

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