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What is SEO

Today, when we need to solve a particular problem or require a specific service, we search for a company that can offer a solution, in a very different way than in the past. Most people search for the answer on Google.

SEO or search engine optimisation is the name given to the methods we use to organically enhance a website’s findability in search engines. This results in maximising the exposure of your website to those who you know are looking for the goods or services that you provide. This benefit to your business means that SEO is by far one of the most profitable tools available to grow your business.

How does Google rank it's website

Most organisations operate in highly competitive, demanding industries, with a long list of organisations to choose from. So how does Google decide on which order to list their websites when performing a search? The short answer is that Google has created a complex and very special algorithm, which assigns every website a value of importance. As a result, the website with the most importance or highest authority, will be shown first in the search results.

In this respect, SEO should be thought of as developing your reputation with the search engine. Ultimately, building your search engine reputation is similar to building your business reputation through word of mouth. As all businesses know, maintaining a positive reputation through word of mouth is critical in attracting new clients, referrals from previous clients and maintaining high customer retention levels.

How does Google rank it's website

Curious to know how an SEO agency like Vecro Tech can help your organisation increase its online visibility through building your search engine reputation?

Vital to the optimisation of your website, is adhering to the numerous requirements set out by Google and Vecro Tech’s highly skilled SEO Glasgow team will ensure that your website conforms to Google’s algorithms as much as possible. This action will lead to gradual increases in your websites position in search results.

SEO Glasgow

Frequently Asked Questions

We see patterns with the questions people ask. Maybe we already have the answer to your question

The answer to this depends on two main factors: which industry you are in and how optimised your website is to start with. Certain industries can see results quicker than others, dependant on the level of competition involved. Equally, websites that have had little to no SEO carried out before hand, will have a minimal profile with the search engines and so can expect their campaign to take longer. On average, results can be expected to be seen within 3 to 6 months.
Similar to building your reputation through word of mouth, SEO can take longer to deliver results because you are trying to build a rapport with the search engine. However, in building this rapport, your website will show up higher in search result listings. As previously mentioned, this process can take many months. Whilst it can take time for SEO to kick in, SEO is still the most powerful method available to you, if you wish to advertise your products and services.
The authority your website accrues will never disappear and is yours to keep. However, with so many companies investing in SEO campaigns, stopping your own SEO campaign for any reason, would result in competitors catching up with you and ultimately outperforming you in search engines. This would result in a decrease in your visibility in search results.
Key to any successful SEO campaign are the keywords which show signs of being profitable for your marketplace. Our team in Glasgow will carry out a full keyword analysis in order to select the relevant keywords and phrases to be used for optimisation. Furthermore, we will undertake a full market place analysis in an effort to understand what your highest performing competitors are doing online. From the information collected above, we will create a strategy to implement that we believe will lead to you outperforming your competitors. All on-page factors will also be addressed and we will optimise the front end of your website, in order to attract the maximum attention possible from visitors. Additionally, Vecro Tech will create a comprehensive link profile for your business. This part of the process is on-going throughout the course of the campaign and all progression will be communicated through regular monthly progress reports and meet ups.

Our SEO process

Audit and Analysis

A) On site and Keyword Analysis

The fundamental requirement for any good SEO campaign is ensuring your website meets a long list of over 200 visual and technical requirements set out by Google. The most successful websites, in terms of SEO performance will aim to meet almost all of these requirements.

The team at Vecro Tech will carry out an initial full audit of your website and highlight any technical and media issues that are present. We class these as ‘on-site’ issues and refer only to errors relating directly to the website.

At the same time, we will conduct comprehensive keyword research into your marketplace, looking closely at the various keywords and phrases that people enter into the search engine, when searching for a company that can help them. By analysing these keywords, the frequency and volume by which they are searched, it allows us to calculate potential visitor levels and the overall profitability of the campaign.

B) Marketplace and Competition Analysis

A successful SEO campaign largely relies on choosing the correct tactics and techniques to employ, in order to gain a head start against your competition. Through the analysis of your marketplace and direct competition, we can develop the crucial insights into your industry that are needed to execute a solid and effective SEO campaign.

As part of Vecro Tech’s comprehensive analysis, we will look in depth at the strategies used by your competition, to establish which tactics are proving a success. Furthermore, we will study your competitors backlinking portfolio and benchmark this against your own.

From the vital data collected, our SEO Glasgow team will formulate the best strategy to employ, that will result in getting ahead of your competition. This data also enables us to provide more informed predictions on projected timescales etc.

On-site Optimization

Our speciality is making sure that your website is indexed comfortably in the search engine. Our team will address all issues that are highlighted in the site audit and ensure that all on page requirements are met

Off-site Optimization

The most crucial part of the campaign is the Off-site SEO. Tecro Tech provides a premium quality backlinking service for all of our clients. Our chosen methods for outreach ensure the highest quality inbound links are received and any informational products are written by professional writers with a background in your industry.

Regular Tracking and Reporting of Results

At Vecro Tech, we believe in collaboration and transparency and so we provide our clients with a link that enables them to follow real time changes in their search result rankings. /p>

Google SEO Glasgow


Most commonly used search engine and source of information for domestic users. A platform which allows exposure to the widest audience.

Bing SEO Glasgow


A contending search engine with Google which still provides good exposure to qualified visitors looking for products and services in your industry.

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