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What is SEO

In an age of information at our fingertips, our natural reaction when needing to find an answer, a service or solution to a problem that we have, is to type a query into a search engine. For most people, this search engine is Google.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of maximising a websites visibility when a person uses a search engine. This process is defined as organic, which means the website appears without paying for advertisements, such as Pay Per Click ads. In essence, the goal of SEO is to ensure that when a person types in a query, such as ‘SEO UK’, a website optimised for this keyword term will appear as close to the top of the listings as possible.

In business terms, this means people are more likely to choose your website above others and in turn, drive more customers and more money to your company. This makes SEO one of the most profitable and important tools for any business wanting to be successful.

For those new to this aspect of business development, a helpful analogy is to think of SEO as improving the reputation of your website with the search engine, very much in the same way as building up the reputation of a company or shop through word of mouth. So long as there has been trade and commerce in the world, having a good reputation directly translates to new business, as well as continued business from existing customers.

How does Google rank it's website

This is the question that SEO UK agencies, like our team at Vecro Tech, work to answer every day. Google sets out a long list of requirements, expectations and rules that a website must follow in order to rank highly in search engine results pages. This algorithm is highly complex and our experts at Vecro Tech will work with you to maximise performance against these metrics and this process will lead to an incremental rise in rankings for your website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is one of the most common questions we receive and understandably so. With it being such an important investment of time and resources, it is important to know the process and timelines involved. The answer is reliant on identifying two key points: the level of optimisation your website currently has and which industry you operate within.

If a website has minimal SEO but operates within a highly competitive industry, then this process can take longer than normal. However, on average, we find results should start to be visible within 3 to 6 months.

Once more, we refer back to the concept of word of mouth and developing reputation this way. If you have a brick and mortar style business, you will have spent a long time building up a reputation and SEO is the same continuous process but with the search engine. Despite the timeline required for these benefits to be seen, it remains the most efficient and rewarding tool a website can use to build a customer base.
Whilst the authority that a website accrues as part of SEO, will remain with the website, it is important to note that your competitors won’t be stopping their SEO efforts. As a result, they will continue to improve, build up their ranking and consequently, you will be outperformed. We would ask you - why put time and money into improving your website ranking, only to stop and see it fall away again.

The first task by the SEO UK team at Vecro Tech, will be to complete a comprehensive keyword analysis of your website. This enables us to choose the most relevant and powerful keywords to use when optimising your website for the search engines. Alongside this assessment, we will complete a market analysis profile, which aims to understand how you compare to competitors, what their strengths are and what we can do to compete with and ultimately out perform their online presence.

Once we have completed the data collection phase, we develop a strategy which we believe will help you improve performance and reach the top of the search engine results pages for your target audience. Within this strategy, we will not only focus on all of the on-page factors, optimising the front end of the website but also build up an extensive link profile for your website.

All of this occurs as part of a continuous process, with live tracking of results and regular reports submitted, to ensure you have an accurate picture of your websites performance at any given time.

Our SEO process

Audit and Analysis

A) On site and Keyword Analysis

As previously mentioned, Google's algorithm for ranking a website sits at the heart of every SEO campaign we undertake. We ensure that your website is cross referenced against over 200 requirements from Google and that it successfully meets as many of these requirements as possible, if not all of them.

Our experts at Vecro Tech will complete a comprehensive website audit and report back on issues that currently affect your website, whether technical, design or media based. This collection of issues are classed as ‘on site’ issues and all have the same characteristics of relating to the website itself.

Complimenting this assessment is our keyword analysis, which assesses the most important and most valuable keywords that are used by people when searching for your products or services. These keywords can be a single word or phrase, but all fall under the ‘keyword’ definition. It is only by analysing the frequency and volume of searches, that we can then provide accurate estimates on targets for visitors and returns on the investment of SEO.

B) Marketplace and Competition Analysis

No matter which industry you operate within, there will almost always be established competitors that we can benchmark your website against. This process of analysis and investigation means that we can understand what they do which works, what they don’t do and as a result, maximise the potential return and success of our SEO campaigns.

Another element that makes up our market analysis includes studying the backlinks of competitor websites, to understand what levels we need to achieve in order to compete with them.

All of this initial analysis provides our experts at Vecro Tech with a wealth of data, from which we create a targeted, powerful SEO strategy with two objectives: outperforming your competitors and delivering an accurate prediction in terms of timescale and return on investment.

On-site Optimization

Our SEO UK team specialise in optimising your website, so that it meets the requirements of search engines and is indexed fully within them. We do not simply audit your site and tell you where it's falling down, we actively repair and improve these weaknesses.

Off-site Optimization

The most crucial part of the campaign is the Off-site SEO. Tecro Tech provides a premium quality backlinking service for all of our clients. Our chosen methods for outreach ensure the highest quality inbound links are received and any informational products are written by professional writers with a background in your industry.

Regular Tracking and Reporting of Results

Success can only happen if we collaborate and communicate in an open and transparent way. As a result of this core value, we provide each client with access to real time analytics of their websites search engine performance.

Google SEO Glasgow


This is the most popular and well known search engine, becoming the byword for searching online. As a result, this offers websites the greatest pool of potential traffic.

Bing SEO Glasgow


A competitor of Google, it is still an important search engine to optimise for, particularly when targeting qualified visitors to your website.

What Next?

We advise all of our clients to schedule a face to face consultation with our SEO experts. In preparation for this meeting, we will complete all of the initial analysis of keywords and competitors, as highlighted above. This meeting is the perfect, no obligation opportunity to ask us any questions you may have and let us explain how we can help your business succeed.

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