Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO or search engine optimization is the name attributed to the strategies and tactics used to enhance a website’s rankings in search engines when a search is conducted using specific keywords or phrases related to that business. SEO is a longer term advertising strategy that yields consistent results and ensures fantastic exposure for your businesses products and services.

By utilizing the correct techniques and tactics you will strengthen what is known as your domain authority which is a key indicator to Google that you should appear higher in the search results. The more domain authority your website has, the higher the ranking of your page.

What specifically increases my rankings?


1. Content management

The first and foremost method of increasing your website’s authority is through your on page content. The key objective is to create content that integrates the keywords and phrases used in search engines in the correct places within your text. Ideally the Google page scanners should be able to scan through your text and easily identify exactly what concept or products you are trying to promote. Furthermore, by ensuring your on page content is useful and informative; people will share your information in blogs and on social media feeds etc. Google will recognize these authority signals and through this cycle, it will strengthen and stabilize your search engine rankings.

2. Backlink management

The second part of SEO is having other websites create links which point towards your website. This can also be known as “Inbound links”. The quantity and quality of backlinks pointing towards your website gives Google an indication of how popular or important your website is. It is imperative, however, that these backlinks come from sources that are relevant to your business or product. Google will give credit to websites that have good quality backlinks thus, increasing your domain authority and ultimately resulting in a higher search result ranking.

3. Blog and Article management

Every article you post on your website’s blog acts as another entry point for your target market to reach your page. People who are researching a certain topic in your industry want a solution. By being able to offer a solution to a particular problem in a blog by making the content informative engaging, and relevant – it strengthens the bond of trust between that lead and your company. By being consistent with your blog and managing your articles efficiently, you will have many solutions for many people’s problems. This in turn adds to the overall authority of your domain.

What next?

One of our experienced professionals will meet with you for a face to face consultation to gain a firm idea of your marketing needs. Then we would conduct thorough keyword research to attain which key phrases relating to your business are being searched for and the frequency of these searches. With the client, we then select keywords that show signs of being the most profitable.

Vecro Tech will carry out an analysis of your website’s designs, content and code and offer suggestions as to where improvements can be made. When it comes to SEO, we want to ensure that every aspect of your website is exemplar in order to maximize your chances of having a successful campaign. We then compile a fully comprehensive marketing strategy and provide month to month campaign reports to show you continuous improvements.

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