Web Design

Web Design Process

Generally, when people talk about web design, they are usually referring to the entire process of taking a website from an idea to a tangible product which can be accessed and interacted with online. In fact, web design is theoretically a process of its own. The design phase involves thinking about what the client’s preferences are with colours and also which products or services are being shown.

We then brainstorm the most effective ways of implementing these into designs which both look great and ultimately encourages the visitor of the site to interact. Then our experienced designers, using visually stimulating graphics, content and service or product information, will begin designing the website.

Responsive Web Design

With more than 60% of consumers making purchases online through their mobile or smart phone, it is imperative that your web site can be just as easily accessed through a smart phone as it would through a desktop application. Although a growing number of businesses are beginning to upgrade to websites which can be accessed through the browser on the visitor or buyer’s phones, there is still a great number of businesses who still haven’t utilized this yet.

With such a large demand for mobile commerce, the importance of making sure that your website still manages to trigger just as many buying Impulses on a smart phone or tablet is high. Our experienced designers use the creative and artistic knowledge and the latest technology to design a mobile version of your website which is fresh and contemporary, whilst remaining consistent with the desktop version.

What Next?

Once Vecro Tech has produced prototype designs based on the aesthetic requirements, we then talk them over with the client. This is to gain an idea of aspects which are liked and which aren’t. Once designs have been finalized, we can then begin the process of bringing your designs to life in the form of a functioning and user friendly website

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