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You will commonly hear the phrase ‘web design’ when people discuss the process of creating a website, including all milestones from the initial brainstorming through to the launching of the website itself. However, at Vecro Tech we believe that web design should be considered as a standalone process in itself. We place high importance and value in the design phase of a website project, as it is a time where we work in a transparent and collaborative way with customers.

Our experts understand that a website represents your company brand and identity, acting as a focal point for your interactions with customers. We will ensure we are fully immersed in your values and ideals before we put pen to paper. A design can never be truly effective without this.

Once we have taken the time to learn about our client’s preferences on colours, branding, items displayed etc, our experts utilise all of their knowledge, skills and tools available to brainstorm how best to design a product that meets the clients visual expectations. It will also be effective at persuading customers to interact with the website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for some of the most common questions about web design that we get asked and our responses to those questions. You may find that it answers some of those immediate questions and helps you move towards a decision.

This is the most common question anyone thinks of when considering creating a website for their personal or business requirements and it is the variation in these requirements that means each website is different. The starting point for a website is one which is designed to simply display information on products or services, along with information a customer may need, such as contact details. You can then expand on this to add booking functionality, e-commerce, user access and many more features.

The price you will pay correlates to the complexity you require for your website. To design and develop a basic website, as described above, our prices start at £400.

There have been some fantastic developments in software that allow people to create their own websites and this can be the best way forward for some people, depending on what they wish to achieve, as well as time and financial commitments.

A website builder could be considered for new businesses that have minimal cash flow but wish to develop an online presence quickly. Where this falls down is in the fact that website builders rarely allow you to create a website that meets all of the technical requirements of search engines, when they index and rank your website. As a result, you will struggle to generate the leads and authority that a website developed by experts.

The other reason why we believe customers should choose a web design company such as Vecro Tech, is that first impressions are invaluable in a world of information where you only have a few seconds to attract a customers attention. If you start off with a beautifully designed, functional website that maximises SEO, then you are starting from a far improved base, gaining an advantage over competitors who do not choose this route.

Once more, this is very much dependant on the requirements of your website, in terms of functionality and size of the content. If we were to consider the creation and implementation of a basic website, it can take 2 weeks from the point that content and imagery have been selected and created.

Where there is greater functionality or complexity, we work closely with clients to map out all requirements, both design and technical. This then allows us to create an action plan and timeline that is both accurate and realistic. Throughout our web design and development, we maintain open lines of communication, so that at any moment, our customers can see the progress made.

If you would like to find out how long it would take to create your dream website, please see the contact us section at the bottom of this page and one of our experts will get in touch!

Responsive Web Design

The concept of responsive web design may be somewhat unfamiliar to many people and unless you have been involved in creating a website, that is understandably so. Many would think that creating a website means that no matter the browser or device used, customers would see what we have created. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Currently, over 60% of customers purchase from websites on their mobile device and the idea of responsive design is to ensure that your website works as effectively and efficiently on a mobile device, as it would on a computer. It is surprising the number of businesses that have not understood this requirement and are operating unresponsive websites. Clearly, if a business is lacking a responsive website then 60% of consumers will not see their products or services in the best light and may choose a competitor to buy from.

In light of this modern day demand for mobile commerce, one of the core requirements for each website that we create, is for it to give the same impression, have the same impact and trigger the same conversion (buying a product, contacting the business, following a page), whether viewed on a computer or a mobile device.

Our Web Design UK experts combine their creative experience and expertise, passion for design and an array of cutting edge software tools to design a mobile responsive website, which ticks every box, whilst remaining an extension of the brand message of the desktop website.

Wordpress Web Design


A Fantastic platform for any businesses who currently or wish to operate on a larger scale, as it provides out-of-the-box solutions for running an e-commerce store.

Drupal Web Design


This is an open source framework / CMS that is useful for managing large amounts of content and traffic.

The Next Steps

When we believe we have created the perfect designs and prototypes for a customer, based on all of their requirements, we present them to our customers and engage in a collaborative cycle of feedback, amendments and reviews. This allows us to truly get a feel for what the customer envisioned for their website and minimises any issues later in the website development process, saving both time and money, as well as creating a positive experience for our clients.

Once all parties have agreed on final designs, our development experts take over and start turning our customers dreams and ideas into a reality. Your Vecro Tech project manager will ensure that our engineers keep design requirements and branding at the forefront of their efforts when developing the physical website.

Want To Know More?

We hope we have answered some of your questions and given you an insight into the world of web design. But we would love for the story to continue and seeing our customers businesses grow and succeed means so much to us.

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