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There has been an explosion of mobile applications in recent times, coinciding with the expansion and developments in the digital marketplace, within the United Kingdom and further afield. As a result, companies of all sizes, in all industries and in every country have begun to appreciate how web and mobile app systems can increase engagement with their customers. These efforts allow them to market their products in a way which relates to the modern consumer.

Furthermore, there is a growing trend for organisations to commission the development of mobile applications for use by internal stakeholders, such as staff and management. This has lead to more efficient processes and systems at all levels, from tracking orders to appointments and work allocations to staff.

Our expert app developers at Vecro Tech understand that mobile application development can only succeed if the customer and the users are at the heart of the decision making and development journey. Technology is always improving, demands are always increasing and to ensure that our customers have the product they need for now and the future, we work in a transparent and truly collaborative way.

If you need help selecting a top mobile app development company then look no further because you've found us. Get in touch today and talk about your web development or mobile app development idea. We are experts in custom software development and can bring your idea to life.

The benefits of building a mobile app

There are some fantastic benefits to building a mobile application with a mobile app development company like us. These range from reputation and branding, through to connectivity and a new product. All of which leads to the ultimate aim which is to general more traffic, conversions and sales, representing a return on your investment.

We’ve put together some of the top benefits that our customers have discovered as a result of commissioning us as their chosen app developers.

Reputation and Brand Awareness

One of the ultimate goals of any business is to generate awareness of your brand and a positive reputation among existing and future customers. Whereas this may have traditionally been done via bricks and mortar shops, or websites, the most important and competitive frontier is now mobile phones.

Consumers are now using their mobile phones to browse the internet, shop, gather information and communicate with the world, far more than other platforms and a mobile app puts you front and centre. When a consumer looks at their phone, they will see your business icon or logo and this puts you a tap away from a potential sale, feedback, recommendation and improved brand awareness.

You can promote a new product, service or update immediately thanks to notifications in a far more immediate and effective way than scheduling an ad campaign with Google or sending out emails. These can often get blocked by spam and have a low response rate.

From a customer point of view, a web and mobile app allow them to have a more personal, direct relationship with your business. This enables them to get exactly what they want, personalise their experience and feel part of your brand, your family. Generating trust and transparency add layers of value and reputation.

Connectivity and communication

As expert mobile app developers supporting clients across the United Kingdom, we understand just how important it is to be able to communicate effectively and positively with your customers. With social media, you have an incredibly potent and creative way to connect with stakeholders and incorporating this into your app is a great choice for any business. Imagine a user opening your app and seeing the latest Instagram post with a special offer, or recommending your products, or likewise your social media content directing them to an update for your app. Mobile app development has unlimited potential for your business.

This level of interconnectivity and always connected attitude will put you ahead of your competitors. It should not be seen as a replacement for alternative methods of business communication but an extension and additional tool in your box of tricks.

Mobile apps have the ability to reflect updates from your website, email and social media, so it becomes that central point connecting all channels into one place - your customer's mobile phone. Whenever they want it, whenever you send it, they will see it almost immediately and you get feedback almost as quickly.

New and existing products

Many United Kingdom-based mobile app developers like Vecro Tech create mobile apps as a new product, as the service or idea that is going to generate sales for a customer. It may be a stand-alone idea that you wish to develop, or perhaps a mobile extension of an existing piece of software or service. Furthermore, it could simply be a communication and branding tool to share information and create a community of customers and promoters of your business.

No matter your reason, a mobile app is the perfect place to deliver new and existing products directly to a massive customer base. You can choose to create a native app or hybrid, targeting iOS and Android, or just one. It may be a mobile version of your accounting software, or simply an extension of your e-commerce store that is already successful. Create a truly exciting user experience for your customers.

The options are endless and the benefits to the customer are profound. Imagine being able to quickly go on to your mobile, click a couple of buttons and you’ve scheduled an order of your favourite food to be delivered. No more calling up the store or loading the computer up. We are all used to this by now but so many businesses are only starting to realise the potential of a web and mobile app for their products and who knows, you may have the next award-winning mobile application.

Market share and future-proofing

A common reason for businesses to get in touch with us about our mobile app development and custom software development is because they are reacting to competitors, wanting to grow their market share or are thinking about the future of their business. In an ever-changing, highly competitive world, a business that stands still will very quickly get left behind and as mobile app developers, we have seen businesses make this mistake.

Being proactive with the digital world may mean getting your mobile app launched before others, taking a share of the market from them thanks to your ability to promote, connect and engage with customers in a more convenient way. Once you have a market share, it is very hard for others to take that without investing more time or money, particularly if they sell a similar product or service.

Developing a mobile app allows you to future proof your business as much as possible because you can build that foundation of tech-savvy, engaged users who are the future customers of your business. Likewise, tastes and attitudes may change with more and more going onto our mobiles to perform tasks or make purchases. If you’re an established business and a recognised brand on a mobile platform then you will be able to take advantage of these future changes far better than competitors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Supporting clients with their projects has allowed us to create a valuable list of FAQs, answering some of those burning questions and where possible, providing more clarity for you to make a decision. A mobile app development company like ours sees patterns and common links in the many questions we get asked.

From our experience of mobile app development in the United Kingdom, we believe that a mobile website should be the first step for any company wishing to have a mobile presence. However, this is not a one size fits all solution, as once more, your business objectives will define which is the best outcome for your specific needs. If you have highly specific and demanding functionality, that a web browser is unable to achieve, then a mobile application may be the way to go. Additionally, your budget will play a key part in deciding the best investment option for your company.

Each platform has its own strengths and potential weak points and so it is important to discuss your requirements with our experts, prior to making any decisions. However, in summary, Hybrid apps are traditionally cheaper and quicker to create, as a result of using a universal programming language which works on both apple and android platforms (iOS Android). This is turn means you can edit the application easier than you can on a Native platform. For this reason, it is often the preferred choice for smaller organisations.

Native applications will usually run more efficiently, as they are designed for that specific platform. Furthermore, should you already have a product established and so don’t need to go through a more rigorous testing period, an application for each platform can be created. So whether you want iOS and Android, or just one, it's important to discuss it with our app developers and see why we are the mobile app developer for you.

This is not an easy question to answer, as each mobile app development project will have different requirements and deliverables. A mobile application may have minimal functions or be highly complex and so in most cases, the development cost is defined by the time taken to create the application itself. If any mobile app development companies in London, United Kingdom or further afield simply quote a price without any real analysis, then we would advise you to be wary of the quality of the end product and take the time to assess your options.

In very much the same way as cost, the timeline for an app can vary a great deal because of the variety of mobile apps that can be developed. We always take the time to discuss your idea for an application, evaluate your brief and other documentation and ask questions to ensure we can make an accurate estimate.

If we are discussing a basic mobile application then it may be that it can be fully completed in 2-3 months, whereas highly complex app developments maybe 6 months. It is our belief that customers deserve the best product and we will never cut corners or promise a time that might compromise this quality and attention to detail. If mobile app development companies insist on getting it done quickly, just make sure they deliver the best product too.

We believe we are one of the best mobile app development services around. Across the United Kingdom, we help businesses of all sizes with their digital marketing, custom software development and mobile app development needs. We have put together a passionate team of experts in a variety of industries and positions to ensure the entire lifecycle of mobile app development is the best it can be.

Our team includes experienced project managers to oversee the entire mobile app development process, working step by step with all stakeholders to deliver results. The designers we have, understand how to make a mobile app beautiful and functional, incorporating a companies brand and tone flawlessly. They look at UX UI design, as well as prototyping and more.

At the core of Vecro Tech is a group of developers with an enviable skill set, combining together to cover all technologies, all languages and platforms to deliver what you want and what your customers will love to use. With so much experience in web development and custom software development, we can deliver both web and mobile apps for all requirements. Selecting a company based on customer reviews is important for an independent insight, so check out our fantastic reviews for help selecting a company like Vecro Tech for your mobile app development project.

We have worked on a wide range of exciting, complex and innovative mobile app in the United Kingdom and worldwide since we launched our mobile app development business. Whether it is a risk assessment application for a national transportation client, e-commerce apps for the energy sector, real estate and financial services, or collaborations with a charity who uses our app across the world, we can point to high-quality mobile app.

Each member of the team has a wealth of experience working for a range of developers and so our experience combines to almost every sector, industries and business idea. We’d love to hear about your idea and we are sure we can provide you with some examples of similar work, so get in touch today and speak to our app developer experts about your project.

We have worked on a wide range of exciting, complex and innovative mobile apps in the United Kingdom and worldwide since we launched our mobile app development business. Whether it is a risk assessment application for a national transportation client, e-commerce apps for the energy sector, real estate and financial services, or collaborations with a charity who uses our app across the world, we can point to high-quality mobile app.

Each member of the team has a wealth of experience working for a range of developers and so our experience combines to almost every sector, industries and business idea. We’d love to hear about your idea and we are sure we can provide you with some examples of similar work, so get in touch today and speak to our app developer experts about your project.

We are located in the Glasgow and London, United Kingdom, with clients in both United Kingdom and worldwide. This means that no matter if you represent a company based in the United Kindom or across the world, we are the mobile app development agency for you. Our mobile app development services can be offered anywhere and our top app developers are ready to help you.

Native Development

This type of application is defined by the characteristic of being developed for a specific mobile device or platform. Whilst some companies will find this the more advantageous option, by its very definition of being specific to a single platform, it will usually cost you more to create. This should be considered when deciding on your target audience and functionality, as you may find you have to create another app for another platform at a later date. This could increase budget, timeline and specifications significantly. Just focusing on Android app development or iOS app development can backfire.

Hybrid Development

The hybrid option is created using a universal programming code, allowing the application to be run on multiple device models. This means it is normally the more cost-effective solution for customers, requiring less complex development and any amendments can be completed more efficiently. Custom mobile app development is all about making the most effective product and providing the best long-term investment for a business. Choosing a UK app developer like us will help you achieve this.

React Native Development

Cross-platform Apps

A great option for startups and other companies wishing to quickly develop an application for both Android and iOS. It may be that an Android app is the most effective in the short term but actually, iOS will add value too for your small business.

iOS Development

iOS Apps

This is the most profitable platform in terms of mobile app development and it allows for apps to run more smoothly. Furthermore, should you wish to add functions, it can be done so with less difficulty.

Android Development

Android Apps

Developing an app using Android will allow you to target the biggest global audience, increasing exposure to your product and brand.

Mobile App Development

Why Choose Us

Experts in App Development

As a result of years of experience as top app developers, improving our skills and learning about new technology as soon as its released, our mobile app developers are specialists in what they do. No matter what your project is, the team will ensure it is created to meet the latest standards and practices, whilst taking advantage of the latest technological developments. In a world where technology is moving so fast, we do not believe in creating an application that lacks a cutting edge. We keep a list of the top innovations, resources and news outlets to ensure we stay ahead of the game and up to date for our clients.

Passionate about product design and development

We firmly believe that an application must not only perform well but also look beautiful. It should be an extension of your brand, tone and make customers sit up and take notice. Our dedicated UI UX design employees use the most up to date software to create prototypes that you can comment on and approve, prior to any development taking place. You only have a split second to attract clients and if the app design draws them in, then the functionality and performance will keep them with you!

Collaboration and transparency

At the heart of everything Vecro Tech does, is a belief that to be truly successful, a project must be a collaboration or minds, working in an open and transparent way with all stakeholders to ensure the best possible end result. From the beginning of every journey, we will explain the process, share information and request feedback, keeping our lines of communication open at all times.

Testing and more testing

We utilise both machine and human testing to ensure that every application meets our strict requirements, examining the functionality, UX UI design and performance of the application to make sure it performs as required. Only once all parties are happy with the product, will it be released for members of the public to use. We run our company based on the principle of getting a top mobile app developed, tested and delivered every time.

Support and Maintenance

Our mobile app development service doesn't simply cover the creation of the app but post-launch services too. We understand that mobile applications are not a single project but a long-term working relationship between us and our clients.

You will receive a period of hosting and maintenance as part of your initial package, allowing you to launch your product with the peace of mind that support is there and costs are paid based on your budget agreed at the start. We also offer a range of training and support packages over and above this, tailored to each client's specific requirements.

Support and maintenance are absolutely vital to maintaining a good brand image with users, who expert a mobile app to work effectively. Should the worst happen and you have a problem, we will work quickly to resolve the problem and get the update out there immediately.

The Mobile App Development Process

The mobile app development process may seem like a complex cycle of stages, processes and systems but we are passionate about making this an easy to follow, highly efficient and transparent process. Our Clients will be kept in the loop at every stage by the project manager, asking for feedback and working together wherever required to improve and deliver the very best mobile application. Our mobile application development process follows these steps:

Discovery & Analysis

The first stage of any mobile application development process is the discovery and analysis phase. This is where we sit down with our clients to discover what idea, ambition, goal and action plan they have in place.

The team at Vecro Tech will gather all the vital information about the mobile app but also about the business, its mission and vision, brand and tone, customer base and more. From here, we also analyse the market the company operates in and the mobile app will be launched into, to ensure we are fully prepared to move on to the UX UI design phase and build the very best mobile app possible.

App Design

At this phase we start to create the UX UI design of the mobile app, bringing all of the ideas, research and analysis to life. This incorporates a range of processes, systems and software, developing the UX UI design based on the sole purposes of your future users loving the mobile app.

We will utilise software that enables our clients to see each UX UI design or set of designs, happening in real-time, providing feedback, testing processes and phases of the app in a dynamic, interactive way. We believe this is much better than simply sending some screenshots over in a document. It is at this stage that we will work together with the clients, passing ideas and changes back and forth until everyone is happy with the designs and it can be passed on to the prototype team.


A vital part of the process is the creation of prototypes for the clients to test and interact with. We find that once a mobile app gets to this stage, it becomes more real for the clients and helps shape ideas and visual customer interactions.

This is vital for the client, particularly if they are a small business because it allows them to plan their marketing, products and services accordingly. For our own development team, it helps us to plan development, understand the connections and interactions between all of the building blocks and UX UI design features that make up a mobile app.

App Development

The main phase of mobile app development, this is where our expert developers utilise a range of languages, systems and processes to create the customers mobile application. This can include incorporating a range of APIs, coding extension updates or changes to existing apps, or simply building from scratch.

We maintain our high levels of communication and transparency throughout, with regular updates and discussions about where the development is at and ensuring we are on schedule to deliver on time and within budget. Our app developers in London, across the United Kingdom and Europe collaborate seamlessly to deliver fantastic results.

Quality Control

At Vecro Tech, we believe it is our duty as expert mobile app developers to deliver quality results. This is why the quality phase of any app development project must not be neglected. We understand extensive quality assurance on the designs, development and all other aspects that require control checks to be made.

This ranges from proofreading content to running both manual and automatic tests of the mobile app. We employ experienced software testers who have spent years delivering expert test reports on mobile applications, making sure they check every process, user experience and user interface. Only once we are satisfied, do we then ask the customer to help with testing, to make sure all stakeholders are happy.

Completion & Launch

It is at this phase that we handover the mobile application to the customer, making any final changes, updates and registrations for the relevant app store. We will submit it to the App Store and Play Store (as required) and make sure it is successfully launched, along with all key information and descriptions. If you've chosen a mobile and web app then we will coordinate this launch accordingly.

We will support our customers with their marketing plans as best we can and offer extensive digital marketing services to provide an all-round service. If you would like to know more about this area of our business, and our wide-ranging digital solutions, including mobile and web design, then contact us today.

Support & Maintenance

The final phase of the mobile app development lifecycle is support and maintenance. We do not simply launch the app and forget about it, but we monitor it to ensure it is working correctly, resolve any issues that occur and provide the relevant support to customers.

As part of our agreements, we provide a range of hosting and support to help customers focus on the matter of marketing their app and driving their business forward. We have extra services that we can add to this, including training and support tailored to each customer's needs.

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