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There has been an explosion of mobile applications in recent times, coinciding with the expansion and developments in the digital marketplace. As a result, companies of all sizes, in all industries and in every country have begun to appreciate how mobile applications can increase engagement with their customers. These efforts allow them to market their products in a way which relates to the modern consumer.

Furthermore, there is a growing trend for organisations to commission the development of mobile applications for use by internal stakeholders, such as staff and management. This has lead to more efficient processes and systems at all levels, from tracking orders to appointments and work allocations to staff.

Our experts at Vecro Tech understand that mobile application development can only succeed if the customer and the users are at the heart of the decision making and development journey. Technology is always improving, demands are always increasing and to ensure that our customers have the product they need for now and the future, we work in a transparent and truly collaborative way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Supporting clients with their projects has allowed us to create a valuable list of FAQs, answering some of those burning questions and where possible, providing more clarity for you to make a decision.

Each platform has its own strengths and potential weak points and so it is important to discuss your requirements with our experts, prior to making any decisions. However, in summary, Hybrid apps are traditionally cheaper and quicker to create, as a result of using a universal programming language which works on both apple and android platforms. This is turn means you can edit the application easier than you can on a Native platform. For this reason, it is often the preferred choice for smaller organisations.

Native applications will usually run more efficiently, as they are designed for that specific platform. Furthermore, should you already have a product established and so don’t need to go through a more rigorous testing period, an application for each platform can be created.

This is not an easy question to answer, as each project will have different requirements and deliverables. A mobile application may have minimal functions or be highly complex and so in most cases, the development cost is defined by the time taken to create the application itself. If anyone simply quotes a price without any real analysis, then we would advise you to be wary of the quality of the end product and take the time to assess your options.
From our experience of mobile app development in the UK, we believe that a mobile website should be the first step for any company wishing to have a mobile presence. However, this is not a one size fits all solution, as once more, your business objectives will define which is the best outcome for your specific needs. If you have highly specific and demanding functionality, that a web browser is unable to achieve, then a mobile application may be the way to go. Additionally, your budget will play a key part in deciding the best investment option for your company.

Native Development

This type of application is defined by the characteristic of being developed for a specific mobile device or platform. Whilst some companies will find this the more advantageous option, by its very definition of being specific to a single platform, it will usually cost you more to create. This should be considered when deciding on your target audience and functionality, as you may find you have to create another app for another platform at a later date.This could increase costs significantly.

Hybrid Development

The hybrid option is created using a universal programming code, allowing the application to be run on multiple device models. This means it is normally the more cost effective solution for customers, requiring less complex development and any amendments can be completed more efficiently.

React Native Development

React Native

A great option for start ups and other companies wishing to quickly develop an application for both Android and iOS.

iOS Development


This is the most profitable platform in terms of app development and it allows for apps to run more smoothly. Furthermore, should you wish to add functions, it can be done so with less difficulty.

Android Development


Developing an app using Android will allow you to target the biggest global audience, increasing exposure of your product and brand.

Mobile App Development

Why Choose Us

Experts in App Development

As a result of years of experience, improving our skills and learning about new technology as soon as its released, our mobile app developers are specialists in what they do. No matter what your project is, the team will ensure it is created to meet the latest standards and practices, whilst taking advantage of the latest technological developments. In a world where technology is moving so fast, we do not believe in creating an application that lacks a cutting edge.

Passionate about design

We firmly believe that an application must not only perform well but also look beautiful. It should be an extension of your brand, tone and make customers sit up and take notice. Our dedicated design experts use the most up to date software to create prototypes that you can comment on and approve, prior to any development taking place. You only have a split second to attract customers and if the design draws them in, then the functionality and performance will keep them with you!

Collaboration and transparency

At the heart of everything Vecro Tech does, is a belief that to be truly successful, a project must be a collaboration or minds, working in an open and transparent way with all stakeholders to ensure the best possible end result. From the beginning of every journey, we will explain the process, share information and request feedback, keeping our lines of communication open at all times.

Testing and more testing

We utilise both machine and human testing to ensure that every application meets our strict requirements, examining the functionality, design and performance of the application to make sure it performs as required. Only once all parties are happy with the product, will it be released for members of the public to use.

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