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Generally, when people talk about web design, they are usually referring to the entire process of taking a website from an idea to a tangible product which can be accessed and interacted with by users online. In fact, web design is, in theory, a process of its own. The design phase involves thinking about what the client’s preferences are with colours and also which products or services are being shown.

We then brainstorm the most effective ways of implementing these into designs which both look great and ultimately encourages the visitors to the site to make an interaction. Our experienced designers will then, using visually stimulating graphics, content and service or product information, begin designing the website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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A website can serve a large variety of different functions. Some websites exist purely to provide information on products or services in a certain industry as well as contact information and location details etc. Some websites may be more complex, for example, a chauffeur business may benefit from the added functionality of a booking system. The cost directly correlates with the complexity of the website. A basic website that provides information, showcases photos of work and provides contact information will cost less than a website that utilizes the added functionality of, for example, a booking system. For the development of a basic website, our prices start at £400.
This depends on the intended use of the website. If your objective is to generate leads through your site; the use of a visual website builder (no coding) will be useless. For the proper indexation of your website in search engines, your website needs to be built meeting certain requirements that the search engine sets out. The fact of the matter is, a website builder will not allow you to create a website that meets these technical requirements. A website builder would perhaps be a better idea for a start-up company who do not have a lot of capital to invest but urgently need a basic presence online.
That depends on the functionality of the website. For the production of a basic website, with all the content created and any and all imagery selected, it can be finished in as little time as 2 weeks. For a website that has additional functionality, there is no definitive timescale. It all depends on what the additional functions are and what the clients budget is.

Responsive Web Design

With more than 60% of consumers making purchases online through their mobile or smart phone, it is imperative that your web site can be accessed as easily on a mobile device as it can be on a desktop computer. Although increasing numbers of businesses are looking to web developers to produce website’s for their organisations which can be accessed by mobile users – there is still a vast number of companies who still haven’t yet utilized this.

With such a large demand for mobile commerce, it is of vital importance that our websites, when being displayed on a mobile device, are still managing to trigger visitor’s buying impulses. Our experienced designers use both creative and artistic knowledge alongside the latest technology to design a mobile version of your website which is fresh and contemporary, whilst remaining consistent with the desktop version.

Wordpress Web Design


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Drupal Web Design


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What Next?

Once Vecro Tech has produced prototype designs based on the aesthetic requirements, we then talk them over with the client. This is to gain an idea of aspects which are liked and which aren’t. Once designs have been finalized, we can then begin the process of bringing your designs to life in the form of a functioning and user friendly website

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